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[ A ]  
The Weekly Bond Buyer, June 18, 1997:
"For any muni professional interested in information about public power utilities, there is no better Web site than 'The Utility Connection'."

[ B ]  
MuniNet Guide & Review newsletter, June, 1997.
Published by RICIC, L.L.C. -      emphasis added
"One often stumbles upon the most valuable information when one isn't even looking for it. That's what happened to us. A link from another site led us here, and we were amazed at what we found - for free! Authored by Michael Metzler, Southeastern Regional Manager, Management Consulting for Black & Veatch, an international engineering / construction company specializing in energy, environmental process and buildings, this site provides one of the richest collections of links we've found yet. ... The site is easy to navigate and well laid-out."

[ C ]  
The search for electric power Utopia on the Internet,
Timothy B. DeMoss, Associate Editor,
Power Engineering, March, 1997:      emphasis added
"... No review of electric power on the Internet would be complete without discussing those sites where someone has done the searching for you and has gathered and categorized links to electric power-related pages. ... Like many 'link' sites, MIUE is mainly the result of one person's dedication to providing this service. Check Preecs, who maintains the MIUE site, is still the 'Link King' in my book, but Michael Metzler's Utility Connection gets better every day. ..."

[ D ]  
The exhaulted Excite seach engine facility has some kind words to say about The Utiltiy Connection.
Excite has designated The Utility Connection as one of three top sites in the electric utility industry.    A review is available.

[ E ]  
The Dow Jones Business Directory resource.
The fine folks at Dow Jones have designated The Utility Connection as a Select Site.   The Dow Jones review of TUC is available here.

[ F ]  
MuniNet Guide & Review newsletter, December, 1997.
Published by RICIC, L.L.C. -
The Utility Connection has been designated as a Top Site for 1997 by MuniNet Guide & Review.

[ G ]  
AESP Survey designates The Utility Connection as a top site.
Spring 1999 issue of Strategies

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