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Conservation & Renewable Resources

See also: Associations & Organizations
  1. Alternative Fuels Data Center - The nation's most comprehensive source for information on alternative fuels.
  2. American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
  3. AM Conservation Group, Inc. - A full service source for quality weatherization, water and
    energy conservation products.
  4. Arizona Solar Center
  5. BioPower - [EREN]
  6. Business Council for Sustainable Energy
  7. Cape & Islands Self-Reliance Corporation - [helping Massachusetts communities and citizens become self-reliant]
  8. Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies
  9. Center for Excellence for Sustainable Development - DOE.
  10. Center for Resourceful Building Technology - Environmentally responsible practices in construction.
  11. Clean Energy Technology
  12. Clean Energy (CEN) Technology
  13. COGENTRegs - (environmental compliance information)

  14. Edison EV - the power to drive the future
  15. Energy Center of Wisconsin - Nonprofit energy-efficiency research company.
  16. Energy Crossroads - [Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory].
  17. Energy Depot - Source for home energy information and products
  18. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network- EREN [DOE].
  19. EERR Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources [facilitate discussion of fast-paced restructuring]

  20. EFI - Energy Federation, Inc. - Energy conserving information & products.
  21. Energy Foundation
  22. EnergyIdeas - Online database of energy efficiency and renewable energy information and resources.
  23. The Energy Outlet - A resource center promoting electrical energy conservation.
  24. Energy Rated Homes of America
  25. energy right - Home energy information. [TVA]
  27. ERMIS - Energy and regulatory matters information service. [Michigan]
  28. Export Council for Energy Efficiency

  29. Florida Solar Energy Center [University of Central Florida]
  30. Geothermal Energy Association
  31. Global Energy Marketplace
  32. Global Environment Facility
  33. Global Environmental Institute [graduate-level educational institute]
  34. global warming
  35. The Green Power Network [DOE]
  36. The Home Energy Saver - [lbl]
  37. - (Renewable Energy in Texas)
  38. Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources
  39. Motor Challenge Energy Savings Network - (DOE)
  40. National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  41. Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition
  42. The NEED Project
  43. New York Energy Efficiency Council, Inc.
  44. New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
  45. Northeast Energy Efficiency Council
  46. Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
  47. Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

  48. Renewable Energy - [California Energy Commission]
  49. Renewable Energy Policy Project
  50. Renewable Fuels Association
  51. Residential Energy Services Network - RESNET - National market for home energy rating systems and energy efficient mortgages.
  52. Solstice - Energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable technology information and connections.
  53. SPURR & REMAC (School customers advocate)
  54. Sustainable Minnesota - Minnesotans for an Energy Efficient Economy (ME3).
  55. Technologies for Utility Success
  56. Utility Wind Interest Group

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Data Resources Top

See also: US Government & Agencies

  1. BP Statistical Review
  2. EDGAR Database of Corporate Information - Securities and Exchange Commission.
  3. Electric & Natural Gas Maps - (PennWell)
  4. - Energy use and cost analysis
  5. EnerNet - Energy indexing information
  6. FOIA Group Inc. Online - Information retrieval securing records from federal, state and local government agencies.
  7. Little Red Book - The handbook of formulae, equations and conversion factors for the energy professional
  8. NMRC - A non profit organization for sharing information on Electric, Gas, and Water customer usage data.
  9. PeppNet - (virtual information network)
  10. PowerRate Clearinghouse
  11. The Resource - [Resource Data International]
  12. Tele-Tech Services - ['utility tariffs and telecommunications cost databases]
  13. UDI Utility Data Institute - Directory and data base from McGraw-Hill.

Industry Resources Top

See also: Associations & Organizations

  1. 1 Nuclear Place
  2. Accounting Net
  3. Alexander's Oil & Gas Connections - (A news-site for the gas, oil and affiliated industry)
  4. American Local Power Project
  5. American National Standards Institute
  8. Buildings OnLine
  9. CEEDNet - [Center for Energy and Economic Development]
  10. CIS World
  11. COGENTRegs - (environmental compliance information)
  12. Continental Power Exchange
  13. CRN - Cooperative Research Network. [nee Rural Electric Research]
  14. Danish Museum of Electricity
  15. E Source
  16. - (web-based community)
  17. Energy Central - (Information service for electric power professionals)
  18. Energy Commerce
  19. Energy Connection
  20. Energy Crossroads - Auctions
  21. energy guide - (The right place to simplify your energy choices)
  22. Energy Info Source
  23. Energy Information on Internet - [Netherlands Energy Research Foundation]
  24. Energy Matters - (Established as a world wide trading site for information on Energy, Fuels & Power Generation)
  25. Energy Resources Center - [University of Illinois at Chicago]
  26. Energyshop
  27. - (The most complete source of energy related information on the Internet)
  28. EnergyView - (energy market information service on the Internet)
  29. - ('s mission is to draw together energy companies, product suppliers, and industry experts)
  30. Federal Energy Legislation - [K&A Online]
  31. GoodCents Homes
  32. GSA/PBS/Public Utilities - (contracting vehicles that enable our customers to procure utility services at the lowest cost)
  33. GTIOnline - (gas technology)
  34. The Harvard Electricity Policy Group
  35. Hawaii Energy, Resources, and Technology Division
  36. Hometown Connections - [APPA]
  37. The Journeyman Lineman Connection
  38. Legi-Slate - Online congressional and regulatory information.
  39. Lighting Resource
  40. LightSite
  41. Lightworld
  42. LNG Express
  43. LOCE Documents, Articles and Memos - [Carolyn Elefant]
  44. Lornet - (Petroleum Industry and Organizations )
  45. Motorfuelers
  46. - Revolutionize the Municipal Bond Market with a Comprehensive Online Marketplace
  47. National Electrical Code
  48. - Clearinghouse of information about natural gas and the natural gas industry.
  49. Natural Gas Information and Educational Resources.
  50. NrG Expressway - FERC compliant solution for natural gas pipelines
  51. Nuclear Information and Resource Service
  52. The Nuclear Link - [Spanish Nuclear Society and UNION FENOSA]
  53. Ohio Electric Utility Institute
  54. OIL-LINK
  55. OilOnline
  56. Pictures of High Voltage Towers - [Arnie Berkers]
  57. Power Expert - (online information resource)
  58. PowrCast - (forecasting service for electric prices)
  59. Public Utility Research Center
  60. RAinfo - Regulatory Affairs
  61. Reddy Corportation International - Strategic information and intelligence.
  62. The Regulation Home Page - Source of regulatory studies, statistics, and information
  63. The Resource Spot for Power Plant Professionals
  64. Right of Way - [right of way profession and related infrastructure industries]
  65. The Service Delivery Advantage - know-how and management tools for customer service managers
  66. - Featuring the TalkPower discussion board.
  67. Telephone Companies
  68. Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
  69. Utah 2000 Utilities
  70. Utility Business - (Information about today's electric, telecommunications, gas and water utilities)
  71. Utility Safety
  73. U.S. State & Local Gateway
  74. The Virtual Nuclear Tourist
  75. Weather and Electricity Demand Forecasts for power professionals. [Climaton Research Co.]
  76. Weather Risk Management
  77. Western Coal Council
  78. Western Power Exchange - [Energy Online].
  79. Wisconsin Public Utility Institute
  80. World Energy

Energy Directories and Indices Top
  1. - (information resource for the international coal industry)
  2. Discovery Place - (Petroleum Industry Online Directory)
  3. Electric & gas utility information - [Galaxy TradeWave]
  4. The Electrical Advertiser
  5. Electrical Engineering WWW Virtual Library
  6. ElectricNet(TM) - OnLine Directory.
  7. Energy Buyers Guide - The latest in energy news, featured stories, and columns by expert industry analysts and insiders.
  8. Energy Catalog - Products by industry segment. [PennWell]
  9. The Energy Connection - Link to the oil and gas industry.
  10. Energy Legal Resources - [Carolyn Elefant]
  11. Energy Users Yellow Pages - California. sad
  12. EnergySearch [EPRI]
  13. EPRI Metering Directory
  14. Equipment Banks - The world's largest on_line searchable databases of engines, generator sets, power generation equipment.
  15. Gridwatch Power Guide - An on-line directory of the electric power industry.
  16. Internet resources for the public utility industry - Scott Rubin.
  17. JOBYARD - (Construction/Engineering/Utilities)
  19. Municipal Code Corporation
  20. m.i.u.e. Electric Utilities Resources - mega site
  21. Natural Gas Information and Educational Resources
  22. Nuclear-Related WWW Sites - [Nuclear Control Institute]
  23. Pipeline-Industry Directory - [Pipeline Industries Guild]
  24. PIPER Resources - (a frequently updated directory of links to government)
  25. - Online buyers guide.
  26. Utility Warehouse

District Energy Top
  1. Busch Cogeneration Facility
  2. Cogeneration - The World-Wide Web Virtual Library.
  3. District Energy - a private, non-profit, community-based corporation.
  4. District Energy - The World Wide Web Vitual Library.
  5. IEA District Heating and Cooling
  6. International District Energy Association
  7. Trigen-Philadelphia Energy [district steam network]

User Organizations Top
  1. Alliance for Affordable Energy Electric Utility Restructuring
  2. CECA/RF - (Consumer Energy Council of America Research Foundation)
  3. Citizens Advisory Panel - Long Island, NY.
  4. Consumer Agencies
  5. Consumer Net
  6. Consumers United For Rail Equity
  7. Critical Mass Energy Project - [Public Citizen].
  8. CUED - National Council for Urban Economic Development.
  9. Electricity Consumers Resource Council ELCON
  10. Environmental Defense Fund
  11. Environmental Working Group
  12. Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor
  13. Maryland Office of People's Counsel
  14. Natural Resources Defense Council
  15. New Jersey Division of the Ratepayer Advocate
  16. Process Gas Consumers Group
  17. TURN - The Utilities Reform Network.
  18. Utah Committee of Consumer Services
  19. UCAN Utility Consumers Action Network.


Other Information Top
  1. CBT for Electrical / Electronics Training Computer Aided Instruction
  2. CIS World - Customer system solution guide.
  3. Coal Power
  4. Energy QuestTM - Energy Education from the California Energy Commission.
  5. EnergyOnline - Electric industry restructuring.
  6. Home Electric Bill Profile - California.
  7. Local Power Project - (clearinghouse for communities interested in efforts to utilize local powers to gain a voice in the electric deregulation debate)
  8. The Photographic Information eXchange
  9. Pro2Net - (Professional Resources for Accounting, Finance, HR, Insurance and Law)
  10. SOQUIP - Trailer transport of compressed natural gas.

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